Friday, March 6, 2009

Kids say the darndest things...

Princess (age 6) to Grandma...We have a peach baby but when she gets older she will be a brown baby.

Later on.....

Princess to me...Brown grown-ups have peach babies, but when they get older the peach babies turn into brown babies....I wonder if peach grown-ups have brown babies and if they just turn peach as they get older???

Birthday for two

PJ and Princess had a joint birthday party this year. It was a swimming party and they had a ball. Yes, yes it was one week after the baby was born, and yes, yes me and the baby were there....but what's a mom to do. I had the party planned way in advance, and I knew the baby would be early...but not 4 weeks early!!

Everything worked out great. The kids had a ball and the baby slept through it all.

Baby Girl is here!!

Baby Girl is here!!! She came a little bit early (4 weeks to be exact), but she is here and healthy. Praise God!! You forget how small they are and boy is she small. Barely filling up the size newborn diapers. I am so excited to bring her home and welcome her into the Stephen crew with her other sisters and big brother.

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